We are the small business that small businesses turn towards when they need employee benefits.

Mission Statement

Create a legacy of impactful service that helps businesses create happy employees.


To be admired as a sensational leader of employee benefits, client services & community engagement

that inspires us, impacts positive changes & creates happy employees.


These are not 2 words you often hear together. Creativity helps us to think of new perspectives. Then we back that creative thinking with the wisdom of many years of expertise.


It’s one thing to really know your industry, but that doesn’t matter without knowing exactly what your client needs. We ask as many questions as it takes to get the right solution.


We‘re down to earth, and we know how to get down to the important stuff. No fluff, no red tape to cut through.


When it’s time to cover the past, present, and future, then you need the team that walks the talk. We’ve done it for 50+ years.


We take the fork in the road like we take the bull by the horns. With the variable markets that affect your vision, we keep our eye out for changes. We know how to muscle the solution for your benefit.


No newbies here. We bring 50+ years of employee benefit expertise and leadership to work for you.


We’ve all heard of the Golden Rule, but we operate our business on the Platinum Rule: Do unto others as they’d like done upon them.

It takes a lot of extra time and work to ensure we serve others as they need to be served.  Most clients have different needs and wants.  We work with you to determine what is best to maximize your cash flow and deliver happy employees to you business.


We want to work with you and your business. We have a long history of helping and assisting our clients, customers, and consumers in making best-in-class decisions for their business and their employees.

Family Owned & Operated

Proudly Family Owned & Operated Christian Business.

You tell us, we listen

When our clients and partners talk, then we listen. We are ready to go.

Act: We build solutions

If you have a need, then we will bird dog the solution.

The Platinum Rule

Every business is different. We work to build your solution to your needs.

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