TUNE IN TO HEAR FACTS & STATS Tell an undeniable story

Statistical Data Tells a Story

Employers want simple, easy to define ways to make their employees healthier, emotionally strong, and financially secure. Those solutions should be delivered through a Trusted Advisor.

75% of employer’s plan to focus on strategies that encourage improved healthy and happy behaviors.
60% of employees worry about money
49% of employees want well-being programs but only 8% of employers offer one
66% of employers agree that employees are less productive when they are worried, stressed about personal finance
61% of employees will take a job that offers benefits & 58% believe a customized plan has BIG APPEAL.
59% of employers offer a variety of benefits to address physical, financial, emotional, and social well-being of the employees.


49% of employees are concerned about their financial being
82% of employers believe they are responsible for the health and well-being of their employees and 73% of the employees agree!
72% of employees say that customized benefits increase loyalty
74% of employees agree that insurance and benefits create a peace of mind for the unexpected

What to do?

90% of employers want strategic guidance yet only 45% of brokers provide it
90% of employers want employee communication while only 49% brokers provide it
93% of employers want compliance tools and 53% of brokers provide it
80% of employers offering benefits want regular communication
98% of employers want communication on legal, compliance, and legislative updates

81% of employers want a Trust Advisor not an insurance salesman

Offer larger benefit selections
Delivered tailored solutions [focus groups, surveys, access to broker]
Access the right experts [Life Benefits]
Provide clear communication
Keep enrollment simple
Be happy

And contact us to work along side you. We will assist in guiding you to make changes and updates to your program! Contact us! We are here to help!