WE'LL ALWAYS TREAT YOU LIKE FAMILY because we're one, too

God is first, family is second, work is like family!

Since coming to America, the Hill Family has been full of the entrepreneurial spirit.  From Staten Island where our Grand Father sold unpainted furniture to Doctors who made house calls by wagon across North Texas into Oklahoma to an East Oklahoma drug store owner who made “cough medicine” during the Prohibition and then onto several very successful insurance brokers. Our roots are well established in small business and the community.  Why talk about my family?  We are 3 generations deep in the insurance business dating back to 1925 and we are determined to continue that growth and success within Life Benefits.




“How much the company self-identifies as a family business obviously varies. If the consumer has a say, 60% said they prefer to buy from family businesses, according to Family Business Magazine. It’s no surprise that the majority of family businesses brand with this key market differentiator.”

Family-owned businesses practice good governance. A Harvard Business Review study showed 94 percent of surveyed family firms were controlled by supervisory or advisory boards. Family representation on these boards averaged 31 percent, demonstrating a clear separation between family and business in most cases.19

Harvard Business Review, 2015

Nearly 60 percent of family businesses believe that their ethical standards are more stringent than those of competing firms.

Family businesses leaders focus on the next generation, not the next quarter. They tend to embrace strategies that put customers and employees first and emphasize social responsibility.20

74 percent believe they have a stronger culture and values than non-family firms. And, 72 percent measure success differently – not just growth and profit.23

Conway Center for Family Business Report